Dominique Guenroc

Dominique started Aikido in April 82 in FR. He graduated 1st dan in 1990 and 2nd dan in 1996. He also studied Karate from 1997 till 2001. He started teaching in 1991 and continued until he left France for the UK in 2001.
in the UK he studied Hako ryu aikijujutsu in 2001-2002 in Ipswich then Aikido from 2002 to 2004 in Southampton (after he moved to Hampshire).
He moved to China in 2004 where he studied and taught occasionally in the Shanghai International Aikido club. During that time He graduated Shodan (1st dan) Aikikai with Endo Sensei.
In 2008 He moved to Singapore where He studied Aikido first at the Shinju-Kai then at the Mumei Shudan . He returned to China in 2013 where he studied Taekwondo for a few months then back to Aikido at the Shanghai Aikido Shen Dojo.
In 2016 he returned to UK where he studied Aikido with Fabiano Lemes at the Portsmouth Aikikai Club until Fabiano left in 2018. He took over from Fabiano and has been teaching there since. In 2017 he obtained the Coach Level 1 certification from the British Aikido Board.
His Aikido is classic in its form, a bit in the spirit of the Iwama style so more related to the early period of o Sensei. He likes to have realistic attacks and put the techniques in some context so it’s not going too much on the “dark side”. He also likes to add kicks and karate blocks to enrich his techniques, even if that’s not very popular in traditional Aikido.