The most important thing in your aikido practice should be your personal development, and of your colleagues, not to take exams. Try to enjoy the process and treat exams as ways of gauging your skills and your progress, rather than aims in themselves.

We adopt the Kyu-Dan system used by Yamada Sensei and The United States Aikido Federation (USAF). There are five kyu ranks (white belt) followed by eight Dan ranks (black belt).

For each rank there is a minimum number of practice days that are prerequisite for testing. The number of days are counted after the last exam. Remember you might need more than the minimum to be ready to test, so don’t rush. Your instructor will define when he thinks you are ready and agree a date for the exam. It is important you familiarise yourself with the names of the attacks and of the techniques.

5th KYU (60 DAYS)

Shomenuchi Ikkyo

Shomenuchi Iriminage

Katatetori Shihonage

Ryotetori Tenchinage

Tsuki Kotegaeshi

Ushiro Tekubitori Kotegaeshi

Morotetori Kokyuho

4th KYU (80 DAYS)

Shomenuchi Nikkyo

Yokomenuchi Shihonage

Tsuki Iriminage

Ushiro Tekubitori Sankyo

Ushiro Ryokatatori Kotegaeshi

Swari waza Shomenuchi Ikkyo

Swari waza Katatori Nikkyo

Swari waza Katatori Sankyo

3rd KYU (100 DAYS)

Yokomenuchi Iriminage (2 ways)

Yokomenuchi Kotegaeshi

Tsuki Kaitennage (uchi & soto)

Ushiro Ryokatatori Sankyo

Morotetori Iriminage (2 ways)

Shomenuchi Sankyo

Swari waza Shomenuchi Iriminage

Swari waza Shomenuchi Nikkyo

Hanmi handachi Katatetori Shihonage

Hanmi handachi Katatetori Kaitennage

2nd KYU (200 DAYS)

Shomenuchi Shihonage

Shomenuchi Kaitennage

Yokomenuchi Gokyo

Ushiro Tekubitori Shihonage

Ushiro Tekubitori Jujinage

Ushiro Kubishime Koshinage

Morotetori Nikkyo

Hanmi handanchi Shomenuchi Iriminage

Hanmi handanchi Katatetori Nikkyo

Hanmi handanchi Yokomenuchi Kotegaeshi

Freestyle: 2 attackers

1st KYU (300 DAYS)

Katatori menuchi – 5 techniques

Yokomenuchi – 5 techniques

Morotetori – 5 techniques

Shomenuchi – 5 techniques

Ryotetori – 5 techniques

Koshinage – 5 techniques

Hanmi handachi Ushiro Waza – 5 techniques

Freestyle: 3 attackers


All of 1-st kyu requirements



Henka Waza

Freestyle: 4 attackers


All of Shodan requirements

Tachitori – 2 attackers

Kaeshi Waza

Freestyle: 5 attackers


Subject of exam to be determined
 by examiner at the time of the exam