Dominique Guenroc

I started Aikido in April 1982 in France. I graduated 1st dan EFA in 1990 and 2nd dan EFA in 1996. I also studied Karate from 1997 till 2001. I started teaching in 1991 and continued until I left France for the UK in 2001.
in the UK I studied Hako ryu aikijujutsu in 2001-2002 in Ipswich then Aikido from 2002 to 2004 in Southampton (after I moved to Hampshire).
I moved to China in 2004 where I studied and taught occasionally in the Shanghai International Aikido club. During that time I graduated Shodan (1st dan) Aikikai with Endo Sensei.
In 2008 I moved to Singapore where I studied Aikido first at the Shinju-Kai then at the Mumei Shudan. I returned to China in 2013 where I studied Taekwondo for a few months then back to Aikido at the Shanghai Aikido Shen Dojo.
In 2016 I returned to UK where I studied Aikido with Fabiano Lemes at the Portsmouth Aikikai Club until Fabiano left in 2018. I took over from Fabiano and I have been teaching there since. In 2017 I obtained the Coach Level 1 certification from the British Aikido Board and In 2018 I received my 3rd Dan from Tony Sargeant.
My Aikido is classic in its form, in the spirit of the Takemusu Iwama style so more related to the early period of o Sensei. I like to have realistic attacks and put the techniques in some context so it’s not going too much on the “dark side”. I also likes to add kicks and karate blocks to enrich my techniques, even if that’s not very popular in traditional Aikido.